"Uchinanchu yaibin"

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1. イチャリバチョーデー [Icharibachoode]
2. ウチナーンチュヤイビン [Uchinanchu Yaibin]
3. ありがとう、 おじぃおばぁ [Gracias, oji; gracias, oba]
4. ずっと ウチナーンチュ [Siempre uchinanchu]
5. ヌチドゥタカラ [La vida es un tesoro]
6. 紙の舟 [Barco de papel]
7. これが愛なんだ [Esto es amor]
8. 鼓動と共に [Junto a los latidos]
9. Somos nikkei
10. Uchinanchu yaibin
11. Gracias, oji; gracias, oba
12. Siempre uchinanchu
13. La vida es un tesoro
14. Barco de papel
15. Esto es amor
16. We Are Nikkei [Somos nikkei]

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This is a musical project that seeks to strengthen uchinanchu identity and pride. More than a century ago, the first migrants left Okinawa for different countries in search of a better future. However, with the passage of time, their descendants were enriched by the culture and assimilating the values of the countries that welcomed their relatives, forgetting in many cases the identity and pride for their roots.

For about three decades, cultural exchanges have been taking place between different countries and Okinawa, which has aroused the interest and feeling of belonging to Uchina (Okinawa) among many young people. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go, but everyone has that treasure inside them that they may not have known how to value. Sometimes you just need a trigger to revive or grow that pride we inherited from our ancestors, who took care of it and transmitted it with effort and affection.

This project consists on the production of a musical Album, which seeks to be a stimulus to awaken gratitude for those roots that we sometimes forget. In spite of the distance with Okinawa, whether physical or remote, there may always be reasons to be proud of that origin.

"Uchinanchu yaibin" means "I am okinawan". It is a song about a trip which was first mine, but then it became the journey of many people who were seeking their identity. Going to Okinawa is a experience that let you know you are going back to the origins, going back home.


1) イチャリバチョーデー [Icharibachoode]:
Icharibachoode is an okinawan word that means "once we meet, we are like brothers and sisters".

2) ウチナーンチュヤイビン & 10)  Uchinanchu yaibin:
Everything started with a trip to Okinawa. Going there was going back home and understand deeper the idea of Uchinanchu yaibin, "I am okinawan".
* This song was the theme song of the "Ginozanchu no tsudoi", an international meeting where many descendants from Argentine, Brasil, Bolivia and America gathered together in Ginoza in 2016.

3) ありがとう、 おじぃおばぁ & 11) Gracias, oji; gracias, oba:
Gratefulness is a very important attitude we should all have towards our origins, specially to our ancestors who planted in our hearts the treasure of being Okinawans.
* This was the theme song of the VI Worldwide youth uchinanchu festival held in Peru, 2018.

4) ずっと ウチナーンチュ & 12) Siempre uchinanchu:
There is a mystery and a strength that unites all those that by birth, descent or sympathy want Okinawa in a special way.

5) ヌチドゥタカラ& 13) Nuchidu takara:
The message of peace should be shared with everyone, mostly after knowing the terrible consequences of war. We should always remind the okinawan phrase "nuchidu takara" (life is a treasure).

6) 紙の舟 & 14) Barco de papel:
Maintain friendship ties despite the distance.
* Theme song of the Niseta Tour (Okinawa descendants meeting anually organized in different countries in South America: Peru, Argentina, Brasil and Bolivia; also special participation from Mexico, USA and Okinawa).

7) これが愛なんだ & 16) Esto es amor:
Real love always forgive, help the beloved one to be better, and last forever.

8) 鼓動と共に [Junto a los latidos]:
A song about having a desired love really close.

9) Somos nikkei & 15) We Are Nikkei:
We should spread the pride of being nikkei in the midst of the societies where our ancestors found their new home.
* This song inspired the logo of the 120th anniversary of the japanese migration to Peru.


Kenji Igei /ケンジ伊芸

singer-songwriter / designer
Kenji Igei is a Lima-born Nikkei Sansei singer-songwriter and graphic designer. He is known as the designer of the logo of the 120 years of Japanese immigration to Peru. His song "Nuestra querida Uchina" has been chosen as the theme song for the 6th Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival PERU 2018. He is a grandson of Ginyu Igei.

ペルー生まれ・ペルー在住の日系3世。宜野座村の招聘で海外移住者子弟研修生として初めて沖縄を訪問。滞在中に沖縄への思いをつづった曲、「ウチナーンチュヤイビン」を発表。以降、日系ウチナーンチュとしてのアイデンティティを歌った曲は、ペルーのみならず、沖縄や世界の日系コミュニティで熱い支持を受けている。 2018年には「島愛さウチナー」がペルーで開催された「若者ウチナーンチュ大会」のテーマソングに起用された。 またグラフィックデザイナーとして、楽曲「Somos Nikkei(We are Nikkei)」にインスピレーションを得てデザインしたロゴが、日本人移住120周年にあたる2019年の「日ペルー交流年」のロゴとして採用された。 祖父は、沖縄県宜野座村からペルーに渡り、移民コミュニティの発展に尽力した伊芸銀勇氏。